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Snoop Arrested

The rapper is arrested after first night of gig with P Diddy...

Snoop Dogg was held by police in Stockholm on suspicion of using drugs on the opening night of his European tour with P Diddy.

The rapper and a female companion were stopped while driving from the Globe Arena where he and Didz had performed.

Swedish police reportedly claimed that both Snoop and friend showed signs of drug use, though the drug in question has not been identified.

The star was taken to a police station in Stockholm where he was tested for drugs and questioned, then later released.

It's been alleged that police found a small amount of un-identified narcotics in the vehicle, although it can't be confirmed the drugs belonged to Snoop

A Swedish police spokesperson said the results of the rapper's drugs test will be available in a two to three weeks and if positive Snoop could face a hefty fine.