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Snoop: "Let Me In The UK"

EXCLUSIVE: The Dogg urges the goverment to rethink his visa denial...

Snoop Dogg has pleaded with the UK government to let him into the country after his visa application was denied - and said he can help put a stop the recent spate of teen killings.

Dogg may have to scrap the UK leg of his and Diddy's European tour after he was refused entry due to his serious criminal record.

Talking to MTV, Snoop, who is scheduled in to play London's Wembley arena tomorrow (March 27), said, "With my mic and my presence I can reach kids the politicians can't and tell them to stop the violence and killings that are currently going on in the UK.

"I'm here to perform and give people what they want - to be a peace figure. Me and Puffy come from a background where with the east coast and the west coast there were a lot of diferences in the hip hop community. But now we want to go around the world and show postive examples in the UK."

The rapper apologised for some of his less than savoury antics, but said that's now all in the past.

"I think if people could hear me saying this they'd see I'm about peace, love and harmony," he told us.

"I can't control my drugs and gang-banging past . People can see that I now have a diferrent identity and that I've changed my lifestyle around completely. We let the Beatles in the USA so please let me in here.

"To be stopped at the door of England where the hip hop scene is big and great rappers like Slick Rick came from, is bad.

"It feels like a slap in the face if I don't get to perform there. I think (the government) need to speak to the kids. If they say they don't want big Snoop Dogg there I'll keep it moving, otherwise open up and let me do what I do."

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