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Mel B Tweets More Pics From Spice Girls Olympics Gig

However, VB doesn't look impressed in the backstage snaps...

Mel B has taken to Twitter to reveal to fans more behind-the-scenes pics of the Spice Girls reunion for the London 2012 Olympic Games…with Victoria Beckham looking less than happy to be there.

The first photo shows Mel, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel C all posing excitedly for the camera, while Posh Spice stands in the background with her arms folded and wearing dark sunglasses, as she struggles to lift a smile.

She accompanied the image with the caption: "Rehearsal time for the Olympics I love takin picture myself hahaha."

In another snap, the girls are seen happily warming up their vocals for their big gig, while VB stands at the end, seeming less enthusiastic. Mel tweeted: "And this is us doing our singing lesson warm up!"

However, Victoria did manage to crack a smile in another pic uploaded by Scary Spice, where Mel wrote: "Ahhhhh this is us all scrunched up in 1 black cab at the Olympics I love my girls."

There has been much speculation that Beckham wasn't keen on reuniting with her fellow Spice Girls, with reports suggesting she only agreed to appear at the closing ceremony on the provision that they will NEVER perform together again.

Mel C has since insisted that Posh did want to take part, telling the official X Factor website: "No – she was up for it. We’re so grateful to Victoria for participating.

"She doesn’t feel comfortable in that environment so it was wonderful of her to come over and perform with us."

She continued: "We all get on really well – everyone enjoyed themselves. The press complain that Victoria is miserable and pouts all the time.

"I think that people need to remember she’s just being Posh Spice. Posh was and still is all about being pouty and sultry and we love her for it."