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Steps Are Back!

A 'Tragedy' no more as the five piece return...

Maybe not the top of every music fans reunion wish list, but all-singing all-dancing Butlins-inspired Steps are getting back together.
Rumour has it that the cheese-tastic five piece who had a whopping 14 consecutive top ten singles – including fan fave Tragedy and the techno line dance mania of 5, 6, 7, 8 – have been offered seriously big bucks to get back on the road.
The band incredibly sold well over 15 million records – and those that bought them are probably now old enough to go to concerts on their own so there’s bound to be demand for the group that brought pop song choreography to dizzying new heights.
Lee from the band – now a working actor – has been quoted as saying “We all had a fabulous time in Steps and …there have been some offers put to us to get back together”

We just hope it happens while they’re all still young enough to dance – otherwise we might see a slight change of name: from Steps to Stairlift