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Taio Cruz Talks Cheryl And Sugababes

The singer reveals who hit single Break Your Heart was really written for…

Taio Cruz has revealed the truth behind his number one smash hit Break Your Heart.

Speaking to MTV News, the singer/songwriter extraordinaire explained to us how he originally wrote the track for a certain Girls Aloud star.
He said: “I wrote a couple of songs for Cheryl Cole, and Break Your Heart was one of them, Stand Up was another one, which is on her album, but we sent both of the songs to her record label and we didn’t really hear back from them.”
The Come On Girl singer added: “We just thought if they’re not going to get back to us, we’ll just carry on moving so I took it back, and changed the verses and made it work for a guy and then put it out.”
“They came back to us like later and were like “oh that Break Your Heart song, I’ve been listening to it on my ipod it’s really cool! We would definitely like that for Cheryl.”
He continued: “We were like ‘that’s gonna be kinda difficult now, cos it’s all over the radio and we shot a video for it and everything’ so that was quite funny. But I’ve been in the studio with Cheryl and we’ve written a couple more songs for her and stuff, so it’s all good.”
Taio, who revealed exclusively to MTV News that track, Stand Up could possibly be Cheryl’s next solo release, was also on hand to give his view on the recent Sugababes saga.
He said: “I think it’s crazy, I feel like I was the last one to know about the new Sugababes line up, but it’s mad, it’s very very close because I know Keisha really well and I know Jade really well. Neither of them are answering their phones to me right now so I think everyone is keeping it close to heart at the moment…”
Cruz added: “I am happy Jade is doing really well and she’s going to be in an amazing band, she’s got an amazing voice, and Keisha, as she was saying, she’s been in the band for a while and it’s probably going to be a new chapter for her, doing something new, so good luck to her.”
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