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Taylor Momsen ‘Has Knife Collection’

The 16 year old admits to a controversial hobby…

Taylor Momsen - star of Gossip Girl and singer with The Pretty Reckless - has admitted she has a collection of knives.

The 16 year old controversially told the Metro newspaper about her hobby. In a list of her favourite things she said:
“My knife. I have a knife collection. I have my favourite black knife with me all the time. It's a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it. I close it and open it.”
Actress, singer and model Momsen - who is currently in the UK promoting her music - also recalled how she was nearly caught carrying a knife. She explained:
“I went through security, took them on the plane, opened my bag to get my wallet in LA and they fell out. I was like: 'Holy s***!'”
Taylor (and the Metro publication) have already come under criticism for the comments.