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Teen Mom 2 Star Files For Divorce

Leah Messer has been spotted in tears after receiving the papers...

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has filed for divorce from her hubby, Cory Simms, despite only being married for a few months.

The young mum, who has twin girls with Simms, was spotted crying as she received her divorce papers in West Virigina over the weekend, with the Daily Mail claiming that Messer was "inconsolable" as she read the details to a pal.

Leah, who tied the knot with Cory on 17th October last year, is said to have filed for the legal end of her short-term marriage on Friday.

According to the Mail, the couple's split is being blamed for number of reasons, including how to spend their cash, Cory's alleged cheating and clashes over "traditional southern gender roles."

In Touch magazine has reported that final blow to the pair's relationship was when Simms reportedly withdrew $19,000 from their joint bank-account to purchase a new truck.

A friend told the publication: "He did it without telling Leah, even though the money is mostly her earnings from MTV. When she found out, they had a vicious fight and she left him."

They added: "He is always getting drunk with his friends, and can easily hook up with girls.'

Their wedding was recently screened on the finale of Teen Mom 2 in the US and Messer is said to have signed up for two more seasons of the show.