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The Automatic Return

New line-up, new sound, new album for the Welsh rockers

The reformed four-piece have fans waiting with baited breath as they work on their second album, after original member Alex Pennie left the band last year.

On the bands official website, the reason given for his exit was that he had found the previous year increasingly unenjoyable and had grown apart from the rest of the band. The three remaining band members decided to continue in his absence, and flew to the U.S. to begin working on their next album.

Former frontman of Yourcodenameis: milo, Paul Mullen, joined the band shortly after. But this change in line-up appears to have put into motion a complete overhaul of the bands formation, dramatically altering the overall sound.

Speaking exclusively to MTV News at the Rockband video game launch, lead singer Rob Hawkins confirmed that things have inevitably changed, Pennie had a trademark scream and played keyboards, and thats gone obviously, adding, but its like a two-guitar band now, and its a heavier sound. But will this new direction turn-off their existing fans?

Their music has often been described as electro-disco-punk-rock and recent speculation is that the absence of their main keyboardist is going to jeopardise their unique, electro sound. The band had a top-ten hit with the single Monster, and have yet to follow up this success with another chart-worthy entry. So are The Automatic another one-hit-wonder? Or could this new direction be their ticket to lasting success? Only time will tell The Automatics second album, This Is A Fix, is due for release in August 2008. Rockband is available for pre-order now

By Amanda Valentin