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The Cure Announce Return

EXCLUSIVE | Robert Smith talks to MTV News about the bands new material

The Cure have announced details of their new 13th album and four singles that will precede it. Frontman with the band Robert Smith talked exclusively to MTV News about the plan: "Because its the 13th studio album I thought lets introduce the number and see what we can do with it. I thought lets have four singles and release them on the 13th of every month then release the album."

From today (May 13) The Cure will bring out a new track on the 13th of each month starting with The Only One- they will then release their album on September 13.

Watch The Only One Exclusive Live Video Here

Smith added that MTV encouraged the unusual idea: "When I put this to our dear label they said you cant possibly do that its ridiculous, He said. And then someone from MTV- very high-up- sent an email to me and said this is a great idea. Then the label went actually its a really great idea."

The Cure were working on a double album and according to Robert theyve recorded 33 songs but decided to make a single upbeat disc.

The frontman explained to MTV News: "I always wanted to have this as the 13th Cure album- its 30 years since we did the first one, I just wanted it to be a big thing to mark the occasion."