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Jamie Campbell Bower: "Kissing Lily Was Nerve Racking!"

EXCLUSIVE! The Mortal Instruments actor on THAT scene...

Jamie Campbell Bower who plays Jace in new supernatural franchise The Mortal Instruments has described how he felt nervous in the run up to his kiss scene with Lily Collins.

In an exclusive interview with MTV News UK, the 24-year-old lothario talked about preparing for his character’s big moment in the movie:
“It was a nerve racking scene for me to shoot,” said Jamie. “I had like a thousand and one things going through my head at the time.”
This is particularly poignant as there is much speculation about Jamie and Lily's off-screen relationship, as they are reported to have recently broken up, after dating for a year. 
The Londoner, known for his appearances in the Twilight films and alongside Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, also noted the scene as key moment for his character:
“That scene for my character Jase, it’s like a huge moment,” he continued. “Where he’s sort of opening up.”
Lily plays Clary Fray - a half human, half angel, shadow hunter in the movie, on the subject of the kiss she said:
“You kind of wait for that moment and also this setting was in this amazing green house conservatory in the middle of Toronto it was like beautiful.
The scene was shot at night with 40 to 50 crew members staring according to Lily, despite this Jamie said it wasn’t the weirdest scene he’s filmed:
“It’s not like a sex scene, I’ve done sex scenes which are literally very, very odd to do,” 
“This was quite relaxed compared to what I’ve had to do in the past.”
Outside of his film work on set, singing plays a big role in Jamie’s life and said that it was something he’d like to pursue:
“I’m sort of trying to find the correct avenue to sort of get that down there, but it’s something that’s very prevalent in my life.”