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The Saturdays Confess: "We Perv On Girls"

Girlband also say they want to bring 'girl power' back to the US...

The Saturdays have revealed in their first US magazine cover shoot that they "perv on girls."

The girlband - who are gearing up to the premiere of their US show Chasing The Saturdays on 20th January - have told Glamaholic mag that while they are not "full-on lesbian", they prefer Blake Lively and Eva Mendes over hunk Ryan Gosling.

Rochelle - who is expecting her first child with hubby JLS star Marvin Humes - explained: "Not like in a full-on lesbian way, but I'm more of a girl person than I am a guy person; we all are."

Frankie added: "And we perv on girls", to which Rochelle agreed: "Sorry, we are very open about that. Yeah, we perv on girls."

While admitting they have an eye for the ladies, the What About Us singers also confessed that they hope they can be the biggest British girlband in America since the Spice Girls and bring back 'girl power.'

Molly explained: "Since the Spice Girls there hasn't been a British girlband to make it in the US, it would be nice for us to bring a little girl power into the scene."

Speaking of their E! reality TV show, the girls said: "There's going to be tears and tantrums. Everyday life, love life, personal struggles, it's just us really; a very honest example of how we live."

Frankie then claimed she was unsure whether they would definitely be back for a second season, adding: "You never know, we will see how it goes... We may watch it back and be like, 'Nooo'."

Chasing The Saturdays is set to hit UK TV screens on 3rd February.