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The Saturdays Frankie: 'We Want Ne-Yo Collaboration'

EXCLUSIVE! We chat E! TV series, new single & The Wanted with the star...

The Saturdays star Frankie Sandford may be a busy girl, but MTV News managed to track her down for a quick chat about their new single What About Us, which they are hoping could be their first UK No.1.

The singer also revealed details concerning The Sats' new album, the reaction to E! TV series Chasing The Saturdays and how they would love to hit the studio with a certain R&B hat-wearing superstar.

 You’ve worked with Flo Rida and now Sean Paul. Are there any other stars on your collaboration dream list?
We’ve always said Ne-Yo! I love his song with Conor Maynard.
Your new single ‘What About Us’ is so dancey and summery! Are you hoping this could be your first number 1?
Yeah hopefully! The whole number 1 thing, I mean it would be lovely to get one, but I’ve kind of stopped thinking about it now, I don’t want to jinx it!
Would you guys be keen to work with someone like Avicii?
Yeah that would be a really cool collaboration. He does some proper anthems, so that would be fun.

 Any gossip on the new album, is it called The Chase?
That’s the working title, we’re not sure of the exact name yet. It should be coming out in the spring.
Chasing The Saturdays is being received really well. Will there be a second series?
Hopefully, I don’t see why not. I think we’d definitely film some of it in the UK because we’re all over the place so I guess it would be wherever we’re based at that time.
How are your fans reacting to it?
They seem to love it, it’s being received really well. It’s good for everyone to see us getting on!
The Wanted have signed on for a series on E! too, have you spoken to the guys about this and given them any advice?
I think it will be a funny one to watch but I don’t think we need to give them any advice! I’m sure the girls will love it!

The Saturdays new single What About Us is out on Sunday (March 17).

By Venetia Falconer @mtvuknews

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