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The Thirst Firearm Quiz 'Unjustified'

Brixton Band held at gunpoint by Police after gig...

London based band The Thirst were held overnight alongside their manager and sound engineer after a gig on Saturday night.

The band had played a live show in Chasetown, Staffordshire, before being surrounded by armed officers under a helicopter spotlight.

Lead singer, Mensah, told MTV: “I had a gun being forced on my neck ‘Get down, get on the ground’, ‘turn around, put your hands up’ we were getting all different directions shouted at us”.

The band and their crew were forced into police cars and locked in cells overnight without explanation. Staffordshire police have told BBC News that they’d been contacted by CCTV operators who believed they had seen a firearm in one of the bands vehicles.

"Armed officers were deployed and six men were arrested outside the Oak pub in Burntwood" a spokesman said. "After further investigation and viewing of the CCTV footage, the six men were released without charge… No firearm was found."

Jamie Knowles of Troubador, the promoter which booked the band, said it had been "terrifying". "We were flabbergasted. They are one of the best bands we have ever got up here and then all that kicked off.”

The band's manager, Kingsley Slater, felt that their treatment was "entirely unjustified". Continuing “I feel a bit let down... we had no idea what was going on. They just told us they had had information given to them, but would not say any more than that."

Inspector Dave Challinor said that although the six men faced no further action, the police had responded "appropriately and proportionately."