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Chidgey Offered Lifeline To Return To The Valleys

But the wannabe model has a tough choice to make in tonight's episode…

After last week’s outrageous episode of The Valleys when Chidgey and Natalee were kicked out of the house for bad behaviour, we wondered whether the drama in the house would dry up.
But just as things looked like they might settle down, Chidgey is offered a chance to return to Cardiff in tonight's episode - on one condition.

Boss AK travels to the Valleys to chat to Chidgey, telling him the first photo shoot he did was brilliant, but that he "changed completely" on the second and third shoots because of Natalee.
AK tells Chidgey she has another photoshoot coming up she would like him to do, but he’ll have to come back without Natalee.
“I cannot believe I've been put in this f*****g position,” he says. “I've gotta choose between my dream job or Nat. How the f**k am I gonna go about this one?”

Meanwhile, Aron gets lucky and brings a girl back to the house, making Nicole jealous, and Leeroy reckons he’s finally going to get it on with Jenna.
Will Chidgey return to the house without Natalee? Watch the brand new episode of The Valleys tonight at 10pm on MTV to find out!