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The Valleys: Chidgey And Carley Hook-Up!

Watch a clip of the season two premiere right here...

The Valleys stars Carley and Chidgey take their friendship to the next level in the new series - with the pair seen kissing and flirting in the season premiere.
Season 2 – which starts next Tuesday at 10pm only on MTV - sees the cast entering the house again to find out who mentors AK and Jordan have brought back from series one.
Former builder Chidgey, whose ex-girlfriend Natalee was good friends with Carley in the first season of the show, returns to the house and immediately says: “Carley looks banging”, before admitting that h would “take Carley over Nat any day of the week!”

 And it seems the feelings are mutual, with Carley revealing that she thinks Chidgey looks "fit" before saying that the size of the vodka bottle isn't as big as his manhood.
Sensing the flirtation and ready to cause some mischief, Beyoncé-wannabe Lateysha, tells aspiring glamour model Jenna that Chidgey and Carley are together!
Playing along with the prank, Carley and Chidgey share a snog in front of the other housemates, but it doesn’t end there, with the couple getting more and more into one another.

 Chidgey then boasts about his success, declaring: “Result! Day one and I've already pulled… If I carry on like this I'm gonna end up sh*gging her!”
Carley later admits that without best friend Nat being in the house, she is pleased to have Chidgey all to herself.
The rest of The Valleys house is dumbfounded by the budding romance between them, with Jenna stating: “Sh*t's gonna go down! Surely Nat's not going to be happy with that like!”

And Carley’s loyalty to Nat is also called in to question as tension mounts between her and Liam, the self-proclaimed 'only gay in the village', who says: “That's like f*ckin' stickin' the knife in someone's back.”

Could Chidgey and Carley be the next Valleys couple? How will firecracker Natalee react when she finds out?

Find out when the the brand new season of The Valleys, returns to MTV on 30 April at 10pm!