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The Valleys' Chidgey On AK - "I'd F**k Her!"

Reality star reveals his desires for glamour model mentor…

Builder turned reality star of The Valleys Chidgey has revealed to MTV that he would like to get his rocks off with mentor and former glamour model Anna Kelle, declaring: “I’d definitely f**k her!”
Speaking in an interview about Season 2, which is set to return to MTV on April 30, Chidgey spoke of their close working relationship, saying:
“She focused a lot on me, she gave me a lot of attention on photo shoots, I know I got her on my side like so she’s good for me, she’s good for my career.”

But AK’s soft spot for Chidgey didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the house, especially his girlfriend at the time Natalee, who was shunted when AK gave Chidgey an ultimatum to return to Cardiff without her.
After the filming of Season 1, which ended with Chidgey and Natalee leaving as a couple, Chidgey has now revealed their relationship is over.
“The situation with me and Nat at the moment, she f**king hates me! About a month after we left the house things weren’t right like, we started doing appearances and I just realised what I wanted, I just don’t wanna be with anyone”, said Chidgey.

However it was a similar situation when the pair entered the house for Season 1, and this time Chidgey is concerned she could cause problems for him once again, adding: “I’m hoping she’s not going to try and get in my way like in series one.”
Can Chidgey and Natalee handle life in the house together and will Chidgey still be AK’s favourite with the arrival of the new twin beefcakes?

Tune into MTV on April 30 at 10pm for the brand new season of The Valleys to find out!