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The Valleys Finale: Who Will Return To Cardiff?

Bosses Jordan & AK drop a bombshell on the cast in the last episode...

After a tampin fumin ragin series, the kids from The Valleys have to prove what they’re made of in the season finale of the show that brought them to Cardiff.
The group are tasked with putting on a night at boss Jordan’s club to see if they’re ready to take “the next step” in their career.
Aron gets to showcase his kick-boxing skills – with Jenna as his ring girl – while the girls and Chidgey get to do a bit of modelling for the crowd of revellers, Leeroy raps and Liam performs a DJ set.

Carley heads up the club night working the door and making sure all is running to plan, but when an uninvited visitor turns up, will she let them in?
On the final day in the house, Jordan and AK visit the group to let them know what will happen next.
Jordan tells the cast: “Me and AK have got some really tough decisions to make now, because some of you, we wanna take to that next level but it won’t be all of you.
“So for now, you need to pack your bags, and go back to the Valleys.”

The group are torn up about having to leave the house and all hope they’ll be back in Cardiff quickly.
Lateysha reckons she’s a dead cert to return, stating: “If they don’t pick me to come back to Cardiff, they must be f****** mad.  I’m the best looking thing in Wales dot com.”

Liam says: "I’m hoping this trip back to the Valleys is for a short stay only", while Nicole adds: "I’m gonna miss everyone so much and I’m gonna cry now."
Will Leeroy and Jenna finally bang? Will Natalee get her kit off for the cameras – again? Will Chidgey and the other boys bury the hatchet? And who will return to Cardiff to follow their dreams?
All will be revealed in the season finale of The Valleys tonight at 10pm, only on MTV!