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The Valleys Is Back, Twins Jason & Anthony Join Cast!

However, who has made way for the duo? Get all the info here...

MTV smash hit show The Valleys is set to return for a brand new series on Tuesday April 30… and we can exclusively reveal that one of the current cast will be making way for Welsh twin brothers, go-go dancers Jason and Anthony!

The double-trouble twin beefcakes are set to cause a wave of mixed reactions throughout the house, muscling their way in with some of the girls and their previous relationships.

Speaking of joining the cast, Jason said: "We’re all gonna get on, we’re all similar personalities, we left the Valleys behind and we’re going to get f**king hammered.

"The reason we come out of the Valleys, we’ve come to Cardiff to be ourselves, we’re going to smash it."

But which housemates will be given a second shot at fame and fortune and more importantly - who will be heading back to the Valleys?

“If you think everyone is safe – no chance, some people last year just didn’t impress us enough, they’ve gone”, said mentor and former glamour model, AK.

This season is set to push the housemates to the next level in their pursuit of success, with AK adding: “Some of the jobs they have got this season are crazy, they are going to be pushed, their patience is going to be tested.”

Nightclub promoter Jordan concluded: “They need to perform to survive, otherwise they can go back to the Valleys.”

To find out how the housemates react to the twin brothers and who is on a one-way ticket back to the Valleys, tune into MTV on Tuesday April 30 at 10pm!