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The Valleys: Sex Mad For Season 2! 

Even the lads are getting off with each other! Watch all the action here...

In last night’s season premiere episode of The Valleys (April 30), the stars of the show couldn’t keep their hands off each other… including Chidgey and new lad Jason.
While on their first night out in Glam nightclub since returning to Cardiff, the “up for anything” twin Jason, and normally female orientated ex-builder Chidgey, exchanged a full on snog, with Chidgey declaring: “F**k it, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em”, having just witnessed Liam and Jason pulling for the second time.

But Chidgey wasn’t the only housemate who appeared to be confused about their sexual orientation, with the self-proclaimed “only gay in the village” Liam, and busty bombshell Jenna sharing a smooch back at the house, and Jenna surprising everyone by admitting she fancies him, saying: “Liam would be the perfect boy with like a couple of tattoos and if he didn't like c*ck.”
The usually sexually-reserved glamour model Jenna, didn’t stop at Liam, wasting no time getting it on with one of the twins, later confessing she “had no idea which one”, before openly wishing she had “a big tub of KY Jelly” so she could get down to a threesome with them.
However, Jenna wasn’t the only girl who wished they could have some action with the twin beefcakes, as Nicole and Lateysha both voiced their disappointment that they’re in new relationships (with men) outside the house, with Lateysha proclaiming: “Typical! I get a boyfriend who I actually don't want to cheat on and there is finally some hotties here that I actually fancy.”
But Lateysha and Nicole’s relationship statuses didn’t stop them resuming their special same-se friendship from series 1 that could well go to the next level in season 2, with Lateysha revealing: “Last time I was in Cardiff I said I'd neck Nicole, I'd lick her nipples but I'd never lick her out cos’ I'm not a lesbian, but lately I'm starting to question myself.”

However it wasn’t all love and romance among the housemates, with party-loving Carley taking a dig at Jenna’s promiscuous behaviour, saying: “Jenna's such a sl*g. She nailed Leeroy last time and now she's trying to get into one of the twins but she still acts all innocent.”
And it wasn’t long before Jenna’s new best-friend Liam was jumping to Jenna’s defence, leading to a full-blown row between Liam and Carley.

It soon turned physical after Liam accused Carley of being fake, announcing to the house: “She [Carley] thinks she's dead straight with everyone but she's fake. She's always got a problem with someone and now it just happens to be me.”

But Carley did have at least one person to turn to for comfort, and that was her new potential romance Chidgey - who only recently split up with one of Carley’s best mates, Natalee, as previously reported.
Who will be the first to bang inside the house this season? Could Chidgey be discovering a whole new side to himself?

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