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The Vamps' Brad: ‘Harry Styles Is A Good Looking Chap!’

EXCLUSIVE! Band say 1D comparisons are "amazing"...

The Vamps singer One Directionheartthrob their MTV Live session, which premieres this Sunday (September 29), the band couldn’t be happier with being linked to the world’s No.1 boyband. 

James said: “We’re fans of One Direction so that’s cool and if we’re compared to them then that’s amazing because they’re such a big band.”
Drummer Tristan continued: “People don’t appreciate how hard they work and how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are now so in a way it’s a pleasure to be compared to them because they’re so successful and stuff but I guess we’re all like different in a sense.”
Bradley agreed, adding: “I think we kind of take pride in the fact that we’re a band and we play our own instruments and that’s probably one of the big differentiations between us two.”
The Can We Dance foursome - who supported Selena Gomez earlier this month when she played London’s Hammersmith Apollo - also cleared up rumours that bassist Connor fancies the Come & Get It songstress, with Bradley defending his bandmate, saying Connor “never said he fancies Selena and it’s on TV like ‘Connor fancies Selena!’”
But James was very much up for confirming his desire, and his desire only, for Taylor Swift: “I quite like Taylor but I hope you guys don’t fancy her ‘cause that’s an issue for me!”
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By Michael Pell @mtvuknews
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