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The Voice Hopeful Cleo Hit By Diva Claims

Rivals reported to be annoyed by singer's demands on show...

The Voice semi-finalist Cleopatra Higgins has found herself accused of diva-esque behaviour by her fellow contestants, it is reported.

The Sun
newspaper claims that the singer - who had a brief spell of fame in the 1990s with girl group Cleopatra - has demanded a smoke machine, backing dancers and a catsuit for her performance tomorrow night.

A source said: "Cleo is absolutely going for it this week. She has made no bones about the fact she wants her solo performance to blow the others out of the water.

"She is determined that the song choice has to be perfect and has also asked the bosses to pull out all the stops when it comes to the special effects.

"She knows what she wants and certainly isn't afraid to ask for it. For her costume, only a catsuit will do."

Cleo is also reported to have changed her mind about which song she is to perform several times.

The source continued: "The team are doing their best to accommodate her, but the growing list of demands isn't doing her any favours.

"The rest of the contestants are all getting wound up because they don't see how she is managing to get away with bossing everyone about."

The quarter finals were held last Friday and four contestants went home.