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Viewers Blast The Voice 'Live' Results Show

Fans complain about Sunday's pre-recorded show...

The Voice has come in for criticism from viewers over Sunday's 'live' results show.

Since its launch, the BBC1 talent show has pulled in some impressive viewing figures, prompting ITV to shift rival Britain's Got Talent to avoid a clash.

However, this week's ratings reveal that a million viewers who tuned in for Saturday's first live rounds skipped Sunday's results show, which is recorded after Saturday's performances.

Coach Will.I.Am, who reportedly got into trouble for tweeting during the show, attempted to keep up the pretence of the 'live' results show, tweeting on Sunday: "Tonight is going to be a difficult decision for me... I hate the idea of sending talented people home."

According to The Mirror, fans took to the BBC messageboard to slam the Sunday show, claiming it was "odd and stilted" and complaining that the "dubbing on of the audience noise" was 'ridiculous'.

The BBC admitted that it had received 31 complaints, mostly about Sunday's show not being live, but a spokesman insisted: "It is standard practice."