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The Wanted To Confront 1D Over Rivalry Rumours

EXCLUSIVE! The lads address Louis Tomlinson's recent comments...

The Wanted have responded to comments made by One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, exclusively telling they plan to confront the lads over their supposed rivalry.

Speaking of The Wanted in an interview with Now magazine, Tomlinson previously said: "There was one press story where they were bad-mouthing us. I thought maybe that had been twisted.

"But then there ended up being about ten stories and they've been caught on camera doing little things. I just think, 'If you want to create that rivalry, then let's do it'."

When asked about his remarks, Max George told us: "We haven't said anything," to which bandmate Jay McGuiness agreed: "I think it takes two to tango but I get why. The press always like whip stuff up.

"Like, no one means it and they'll ask you what do you think of their song and you say 'I like it, but I wouldn't buy it' and then the next day, you read 'The Wanted would never buy a One Direction song'."

He continued: "It was always gonna happen and obviously now, he's like bitten a chomp off but we are gonna see him in New York, and just chat and see exactly what's happened."

Max continued: "We just wanna chat and ask them to their faces as he [Louis] called us two-faced or something."

When asked what they made of Liam Payne's accusations that TW had previously been "really trashy" about 1D in the press, Tom Parker hit back: "I think they are doing that themselves."

Referring to his past comments about them being 'just faces' in the US, Max explained: "See, that I don't get. All I've said is that they were like the Jonas Brothers but I actually really like the Jonas Brothers.

"They had like millions of fans instantly, young fans, and I think that's what I said and I think they got their back up about that, but I'm actually a big Jonas Brothers fan myself."

Jay chipped in: "And Demi [Lovato]", to which Max replied: Yeah and Demi - she's so fit. Anyway, when we see [1D] we will ask them. That's if they come near us.

"Rather than just say if they want to cause this rivalry, we will openly ask them 'what's this rivalry thing that's apparently been started' then will we know if they are man enough!"

Nathan Sykes then claimed: "It seems to us at the moment that the only time we talk about One Direction is getting asked about comments they've made."

Max added: "That's true actually. It's quite boring now. To be fair, it's Louis though. It doesn't seem to be any of the others.

"I mean Liam had a bit of a dig but I don't really care. Louis seems to be the one who has a lot to say for some reason I don't know what it is."

Poking fun at the situation, George then joked: "Maybe he fancies one of us or something?"

The Wanted's new single I Found You is out now!

By Joanne Dorken @mtvuknews