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Britney Spears Talks About Christina Aguilera TV Clash

As Simon Cowell drops hints about Khloe Kardashian for X Factor USA...

Britney Spears has joked that she is "elated" to be resuming her old rivalry with Christina Aguilera on primetime US television.

The two former pop princesses will be going head-to-head as The X Factor USA and the American version of The Voice have been scheduled in clashing timeslots tonight.

Asked by Access Hollywood how she felt about competing with Xtina again, she quipped: "Ecstatic. I'm elated."

But she went on to insist that The Voice wasn't really competition for The X Factor.

"It's really interesting. I do find they're both really interesting shows," she said. "I mean, they captivate on the same things. In all honestly, I do feel like they're two totally different shows, you can't really compare the two."

And Simon Cowell expressed his unhappiness with NBC for adding an extra episode of The Voice so that it clashed with The X Factor USA's launch night.

He said: "None of us are happy about it. It is literally what's known as 'spoiling the party'."

And speaking during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show, SiCo also admitted that Khloe Kardashian was a possibility to host The X Factor USA.

"We have screentested a load of people," he said. "I know who I would like, but no, I've got to get it approved by the network, so I think it would be wrong to say at this point just in case the network say no.

"It could be a Kardashian. It could be a Kardashian. I think that would work.

"I mean, I'm quite a fan of not putting hosts on this show because I think it's going to give it a different dynamic, so we've got to find people who've got a great chemistry. But Khloe's definitely up there in the running."

SiCo was teasing Demi Lovato about Niall Horan earlier this week.