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Steve Jones Plans To Woo Nicole Scherzinger

X Factor USA host vows to bed his co-star if he gets the boot...

Ladies' man Steve Jones has admitted he would pursue X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger if they weren't colleagues.

The Welshman was reportedly warned off his US co-stars when he landed the job of hosting The X Factor but should he get the boot from the show, he plans to get straight down to the serious business of wooing the former Pussycat Doll.

Speaking to the Metro, Steve said: "If I ever leave X Factor, Scherzinger's phone will be smoking hot from me ringing it constantly - if we are not colleagues then she's fair game."

Jones, who counts Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry and Hayden Panettiere amongst his conquests, is thought to have grown close to Scherzinger during the show's first series and reportedly consoled Nicole when she split from Lewis Hamilton.

Steve has received less than favourable reviews since the US show launched and now that the first series has finished, it's rumoured he'll be out of a job.

The TV presenter admitted: "There's been no contract conversations and there won't be until the New Year. If I'm back, great, if not, I'll do something else. Simple as that."

Dinner with Nicole will no doubt be top of his list if he's not invited back. Every cloud has a silver lining, eh Steve?