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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes In 'Settlement Talks'

Stars have reportedly called a truce for lawyers to negotiate amicably...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reported to have got their lawyers working together on an out-of-court divorce settlement.

According to US gossip site TMZ, The Hollywood stars have called a temporary truce in legal proceedings after Katie filed for divorce a week ago.

The site says: "Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... there are NO immediate plans for either side to go to court. There will be no court hearing Monday, Tuesday or in the foreseeable future, unless the negotiations fall apart.

"Sources tell us the lawyers are negotiating child custody, visitation, child support and a property settlement."

And TMZ also claims that it has been told the settlement could be ratified by a court in New York if it all stays on track - rather than Tom trying to move proceedings to California where joint custody might be more likely to be awarded.

We told you yesterday how claims had emerged about Tom "controlling" Katie's career.