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Valentine’s Day Cast Want Twilight Dance Off

According to Anne Hathaway…

Valentine’s Day star Anne Hathaway has said the cast of the rom-com should have a dance-off with the stars of Twilight. 

Speaking to MTV News US as she promotes the star-studded flick the actress said: “I want a Valentine's Day/ Twilight dance-off. Twilight, what's up?”
Her love interest in the movie Topher Grace added: “I challenge you to a dance-off — music of your choice.”
The main issue if the event is to take place is that Taylor Lautner is in both films. But Hathaway has that one figured out. She said: “Taylor's gonna have to ref it."
Topher continued: “Taylor Swift gets to make the music choice ... Lautner refs. He's doing backflips and stuff. You name the place and the time. We'll be there.”
Valentine's Day is released this Friday- appropriately enough