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Review: Wireless Festival

LCD Soundsystem and CSS appear but its Daft Punk who really impress the London crowd on Saturday

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Its clear youre at a corporate goliath of a festival when disgustingly someone offers you a credit card on entrance. Anyway we still found some decent music- including an incredible Daft Punk performance- amongst the logos and trust fund kids in Hyde Park.

In the early afternoon we headed to the heaving and hot XFM Tent for electro agitators and remixers du-jour Digitalism. The duo with their drums and samplers combo played tracks from debut Idealism including the enjoyably brutal Zdarlight.

Soon after we caught next big thing I Am Finn in the literal Blueroom. Led by androgynous mainman Liam the groups stuttering pop blast Hard is one of the strongest debut singles weve heard in a while.

Bad Lucks riffs also mark the singer out as a solid guitarist. While on Words And Not Words the cute keyboardists vocals slide sweetly into the mix. The Finn gang are definitely worth watching out for.

Outside on the Mainstage bonkers Brazilians CSS were the first to grab the vast space by the horns. Lovefoxxx cavorted across the balloon strewn stage between countless band members in a blinding catsuit- and yet the music didnt suffer for the circus.

Despite sucking on helium the vocals were perfect for cracking single Off The Hook and final song Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above.

Such a venue should not suit the punk funk perfectionist James Murphy but his LCD Soundsystem barely put a foot wrong. Their recent release All My Friends is a bit too slow-burning for a festival audience but a long mix of Trials and Tribulations went down a storm.

North American Scum is a great indie anthem and saw everyone forget their nationality for 5 minutes to sing along. Though it should have been the last track a much faster Daft Punk Is Playing At My House was also a crowd pleaser.

And then for headliners Daft Punk themselves- who didnt remotely disappoint. Yes the rumour is that its not even the real duo behind the robot costumes in that pyramid but whatever its some spectacle.

Starting with Robot Rock, Technologic then gives a nod to the Busta Rhymes rip off. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger mixed with Around The World (in the same way as at Coachella) obliterates everything in its path and causes mass euphoria.

As Keira Knightley looks on the pyramid finally flashes into life for one of the best tracks from Discovery- Face To Face. One More Time understandably causes a riot but as the beats get dirtier- and Da Funk is unleashed- the awesome crowd rise to the challenge.

Human After All and snatches of Music Sounds Better With You finish the astonishing set and the Frenchmen leave the stage as house music gods.

Capitalism all is forgiven.

Tom Thorogood

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