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MTV News Goes AAA Inside WWE - Watch! 

EXCLUSIVE! We've been given a behind-the-scenes at look at WWE’s brand new Performance Center...

MTV has been granted EXCLUSIVE access behind-the-scenes at WWE’s brand new Performance Center.

This impressive facility in Orlando, Florida is where ring-rookies hone their craft in the hopes of making it to the big time under the bright lights of WWE. 

Dreaming of being the next megastars - like WWE hero turned Hollywood God, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or 11-time WWE World Champ John Cena, these young athletes are devoting their lives to a full-time gig at the Performance Center, learning every aspect of the industry.

From in-ring skills, fitness and performing on the mic, to character work, crowd-control and commentary, these super-athletic studs are being given a chance at success like no others have before them; as former World Champion and WWE Superstar Triple H tells MTV…  

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