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The X Factor: Christopher Hits Back At Fake Claims

Hopeful insists that performing is 'terrifying'...

The X Factor hopeful Christopher Maloney has hit back at claims that he is faking his nerves.

According to The Sun, a source claimed that the Liverpudlian - who won a wildcard spot in the live finals - was "arrogant and cocky" off camera.

And Digital Spy report that axed singer Carolynne Poole said she was "surprised" to see the usually "confident, bold" Maloney crumble with nerves on stage.

But Christopher told the website that some of the newspaper reports of the last week were "hurtful".

He went on: "They're saying that I've been faking my nerves and stuff - try and sing in front of all them stars and sing in front of 60,000 people in your hometown and [have] people telling you that you're crap and you're not good enough to be on The X Factor. It's terrifying.

"All my nerves just roll into one and I'm still nervous now. I just feel like my confidence is being knocked back again. In my whole life I've never put myself forward. I'm quite a vulnerable person anyway. It's a shame that people say stuff."

Addressing Carolynne's comments specifically, Maloney said: "But then there were rumours of me not getting on with other contestants.

"It was just that comment that Carolynne made that I was faking my confidence. When she sees me I'm confident, I'm in a social situation, but getting on that stage, my knees turn to jelly."

Yesterday it was reported that Christopher had been given a ticking off for being rude to a researcher on the show.