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The X Factor Final 12

Find out which contestants are through to the live shows...

The final 12 contestants to go through to The X Factor live shows have been announced.


In Dannii’s boys category, pretty boy Aiden Grimshaw was the first through to the next round. The Aussie star praised Aiden for his versatility but told him to work on his nerves. Next was Italian Nicolo Festa, who Dannii called “the biggest risk ever” due to his diva tendencies. The last place in the boys’ group went to former painter and decorator Matt Cardle, already a favourite with the bookies, who said it’s “game on”.

In the over 28s, Louis chose John Adeleye and Storm Lee, who both seemed genuinely shocked to be in his final three. Fifty-year-old Mary Byrne was the last choice – she may have bungled her audition but Louis obviously thinks she has the X Factor.

Next up was Simon and the groups. Surprisingly, two of the groups to go through were made up of soloists given a lifeline at boot camp – new girl group Bell Amie and boy band One Direction. The only established group to make it to the live finals was F.Y.D., who will get a chance to refute the belief that they’re just “dancers who can sing”.

Cheryl’s girls category was last. She and seemed to have the most trouble choosing their final three, but they finally settled on Rebecca Ferguson, Katie Waissel and 17-year-old Cher Lloyd, who struggled with Tonsillitis during Saturday’s performance.

If reports are to be believed, next week’s X Factor will include a Wildcard element, where each judge has the opportunity to pick another act for their category, making 16 finalists in total.

Exclusive official pictures of the final 12 appear in the new issue of X Magazine, available now, only in Tesco.