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Union J's Jaymi Reveals: 'I'm Gay'

X Factor contestant encouraged to come out by mentor Louis Walsh...

The X Factor contestant and Union J band member Jaymi Hensley has revealed he's gay.

According to The Sun, Jaymi was encouraged to come out by mentor Louis Walsh.

He told the paper: "I spoke to Louis about this, and he said, 'Put it this way, both of my big boybands [Boyzone and Westlife] had a gay member in them'. So he said it fits the formula quite well!"

Jaymi explained that Louis told him to just "do it", and insisted: "I'm gay and I've never been happier!"

The Union J singer also revealed that his bandmates had known since the group started.

"They have always supported me with doing this," he told The Sun. "I didn't want to do it in five years' time when I have made money and had a career. I don't think anyone should have to hide who they are.

"Not enough people in the music industry are open about their sexuality."

And Jaymi has been happily in a relationship for three years, but didn't want to be "judged" on his personal life when he took part in the show. And when rumours began, he decided to "set the record straight".

He explained: "It is not a big thing for me. I came out when I was 14 to my family and friends and never had one piece of negativity... There could be negative people, but they are just sad and stuck 20 years ago.

"I hope the reaction will hopefully be: 'Okay, we kind of knew, but well done on coming out."

But Jaymi insisted he wouldn't suddenly come out and do a "flamboyant performance", adding: "That's Rylan's bag!"

Union J faced the sing-off on last weekend's results show - tune in to The X Factor on ITV1 at 8pm tonight (18 November) to see which act gets the boot.