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Next-Gen Xbox To Be Unveiled At E3 In June?

Microsoft exec starts countdown timer to industry expo on his blog...

Microsoft is rumoured to be preparing to reveal the long-awaited next-generation Xbox games console at the E3 conference in June.

Speculation that the computer giant is getting ready to introduce the successor to the long-lived Xbox 360 to the world has been boosted after a senior exec at the company posted a countdown timer on his blog.

Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb's timer will finish in 157 days time, when the Los Angeles-based industry expo begins - and commentators are suggesting that only a new Xbox could justify such a long countdown.

Jared Newman of PC World wrote: "The Xbox 360 is now more than seven years old, and with rumours of a late 2013 launch for its successor, the timing is right for a June announcement at the industry’s big US trade show.

"In addition to the requisite improvements in graphics, processing power and memory, the next Xbox is rumoured to include a Blu-ray player, a more accurate version of the Kinect motion controller, 3D sound, and 'always-on' functionality."

There has previously been a suggestion that the next Xbox could be sold cheaply, but on a subscription.