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Karen O Talks Where The Wild Things Are

The singer exclusively tells MTV News about working on the soundtrack…

Karen O has spoken to us about the soundtrack to hotly anticipated movie Where The Wild Things Are.
It was recently announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahsfrontwoman has produced the music for the Spike Jonze adaptation.
She revealed: “I got involved because of Spike- I guess there is a child like innocence about my music or my persona that he always just kind of dialled into.
“So I guess he thought I should make music for Where the Wild Things Are and I assembled a group of mostly rock musicians to make the music including Nick and Brian (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs)”
A trailer was released for Where The Wild Things Are last week which featured a new acoustic version of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up and it was revealed that Karen and composer Carter Burwell have made the soundtrack.
The movie is written by Jonze and author Dave Eggers and is set for release this Autumn after several delays.
Karen O continued: “To play on it and it was a really amazing experience and I think what he has accomplished with the film is basically the impossible
“There’s a lot of stuff that they told me Spike couldn’t do that he did it anyway and it was a really inspiring and exciting thing to be a part of.”
Karen was previously romantically linked to Jonze- who directed various classic music videos and Being John Malkovich. Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album is out this week.