Charlotte Crosby Reveals How She Got Over ‘Heartbreak’ and Her Plans to Move to Australia

The ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’ star talks her difficult past and exciting future...

Charlotte Crosby is one busy woman right now.

Even with season 2 of ‘The Charlotte Show’ on now and another round of Just Tattoo Of Us on the way, she is not planning to slow down as she opened up about her plans in a very personal Q&A with her fans on Instagram Stories.

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First of all, she revealed that she plans on being involved in another big TV show in 2019 and wants to travel the world with her loved ones.

As well as sharing her short-term hopes for the future, she bravely answered a question about how she got over the ‘heartbreak’ she suffered about splitting from ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear.

"This is a hard one," she started. "Everyone deals with it in different ways [but] what you must always keep in mind is it will get better."

Charlotte Crosby at bondi sands event

Justin Goff/

Charlotte Crosby at bondi sands event

"You will meet someone else and you won't even care about the person who's making you hurt so much now."

When one fan got concerned that the question was pointed to her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie, Charlotte quickly cleared things up, saying:“We gunna be together forever.”

Taking a leaf out of Phoebe Buffay's book, she then said:"He’s my lobster.” Awww! Love is still very much in the air!

Charlotte Crosby Strictly Come Dancing


Charlotte Crosby Strictly Come Dancing

As for the long-term future, Charlotte has her eyes set on brighter, warmer climates for her and Josh.

When a fan asked where she sees herself in 10 years, she gave quite a literal answer, revealing: "I'd like to be living in Australia."

O-M-G! Charlotte is no stranger to the land Down Under, and we would love to see her crazy antics there whenever that happens.

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