Harry Styles Is Unrecognisable In Not One, But THREE Debut Solo Mag Covers For AnOther Man

Holy granola his long hair is BACK.

Remember those three strange blank squaresthat Harry Styles teased us with on Instagram over the weekend? Well, the mystery behind the pics has now been revealed and it turns out it was to make way for not one, not two, but THREE covers he's done formalestyle bible Another Man.

While you'd 100% have been forgiven for assumingit was just young Harold having a trademark hipster moment, it turns out that there was more to this than meets the eye and was all to build up intrigue for his first solo mag covers sinceOne Direction went on hiatus.

Naturally the pics are pure fire and you should probably take this as anofficial safety warning to put on some sort of protective eyewear before checking them out. We really don't want any melted eyeballs on our hands after all.


Each arty shot shows Harry working a very different style that ranges from punk through to a very Mick Jagger inspired shot.

In each photo the Prisoner of Hazkaban also works a different hairstyle with one featuring a mullet, another a throwback to his long hair and the third showcasing the new short 'do of his.

Set to land on September 29th, the issue promises a LOT of Harry-related goodiesand on the cover it hints that there will be a pile of photos accompanied by an interview done by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler, of all people.

Plus there's talk of a 'special document curated by Harry', which sounds very intriguing and we'll have our fingers crossed is a photocopy of each and every one of 1D's naked bottoms.

Just an idea.

Still, whadda ya make of this H. Styles themed bombshell? Let us know with a tweet to @MTVUK, would ya?

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