Troye Sivan Mistaken For A Pete Davidson Lookalike In Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Video

We didn't see this one coming

Proving that not every thinkpiece about Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ music video is necessarily true, some people out there think that Troye Sivan’s cameo was a direct reference to her break-up with Pete Davidson.

In potentially the weirdest conspiracy theory since 2015’s Poot Lovato, a journalist at Inside Edition argued that the singer looks like vaguely like the SNL comedian, and that Ariana pushing him into the lockers could have been in response to their split.

As Buzzfeed pointed out, the voiceover host of the segment may have been confused by the fact that Troye’s bleached blond hair looks sort of like Pete Davidson’s bleached blond hair: "It appears that she shoves a Pete Davidson look alike,” he suggested.

It took no time at all for fans to educate others about the existence of Troye: “[He] didn't start his career as a YouTuber and became a gay pop icon to be called a 'Pete Davidson lookalike,” one person argued.


Another said that there are very few resemblances between the two guys besides the fact that they’re humans with hair: “Where does troye Sivan look like Pete Davidson show me cause I can't see the resemblance."

A third fan summed up the situation with the comment: “Ijust rewatched this again, it’s just so iconic?? A Pete Davidson Lookalike!!!!!! accidental brilliant hilarity. put some respect on Troye’s name, dude!”

Are you seeing a resemblance here or was this the definition of a reach and a half?

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