Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan Calls Out Fan Who Asked If She Really 'Needs' All That Make Up

Oh boy

Holly Hagan has clapped back at a fan who asked whether she really needs to wear so much make-up before they argued that she looks just as beautiful without any cosmetic products at all.

The Geordie Shore lass is known for posting some seriously creative shots of her make-up skills on Instagram and - while most fans love seeing her looks -one person out there would prefer her to go barefaced.

'Now get checking out Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland showing off their second property...'

Beneath one of her recent images, a social-media user wrote the comment: “Your beautiful without make-up so why do you need to do that? [sic]” only for Holly to reply: “I know, I wear make-up once a week because I enjoy the art. Not because I feel I need it.”

The exchange soon turned sour when the same fan @ replied her again, writing: “I know but some people might think it’s too much,” as the 25-year-old pointed out: “I don’t dress for other people’s approval darling.”


Holly went onto explain that she can do her make-up however she chooses, but thanked the fan for the kind sentiment anyway: “I thought your comment was pretty pointless. However I thank you for saying I’m beautiful without make-up. The rest however was unnecessary.”


This comes after she stood up for Little Mix’s decision to pose in as little or as many clothes as they want, following the time Piers Morgan criticised them for publishing an image in the nude to promote video ‘Strip.’

Friendly reminder that women can change their appearance however they want. Tweet us your thoughts @MTVUK.

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