Teen Mom UK Spoiler: Sassi Simmonds ‘Doesn’t Know How Much More She Can Take’ After Another Argument With Darren Quirk

Teen Mom UK continues Wednesdays at 8pm on MTV UK!

Last week, things between Sassi Simmonds and her ex-boyfriend Darren Quirk reached boiling point on Teen Mom UK, with the exes having a raging row outside her home after Darren dropped Zena’ya off.

Unfortunately, it seems tensions between them haven’t quite settled down, with this first look at this week’s new episode showing Sassi getting emotional after having another row with Darren.

Watch Sassi’s big argument with Darren in this first look at new Teen Mom UK:

Updating fans on life after splitting from Darren in this sneak peek look at the new episode, Sassi explains: “I’m trying to put a brave face on but life’s been tough since Darren and I broke up. There’s been loads of arguing.

“Darren’s been on holiday with his mates and hasn’t seen Zena’ya for 9 days. He normally has her three days a week so right now, I feel responsible for everything.”


Meeting up with her sister Ley’la, Sassi tells her: “I just feel like yeah, I do wanna move on and I do wanna start my life with someone else.”

As Sassi starts to chat more about what she wants in the future, Darren phones to talk to Zena’ya – but it seems their daughter is more interested in throwing her pencils on the floor.


Trying to sort the situation, Darren says over the phone: “Zena’ya stop now. Zena’ya, you better stop.”


With Zena’ya continuing to throw things around, Sassi asks her: “You want to speak to him or not?”, before the toddler pushes the phone towards her mum, who replies: “He don’t wanna kiss mummy, he wants to kiss you (sic).”

Seeming fed up with what’s going on, Sassi tells Darren: “It’s actually a joke. I’m left to deal with the naughty child all the time while you just get to rock up.”


Darren isn’t impressed though, replying: “I don’t want to see you.”

After Zena’ya throws Sassi’s phone on the floor, Darren says his goodbyes, leaving the mum to open up about how she’s feeling to her sister: “See what I mean? He gets to rock up, give a little ‘ha ha ha’ phone call.”


She adds: “He rocks up on the scene, says a quick hi, a quick bye, and now my child’s left.”


Getting emotional, Sassi admits: “I actually don’t know how much more I can actually take.”


We really hope these two can sort things out.

Teen Mom UK continues Wednesdays at 8pm on MTV UK! And watch more sneak peeks from the episode here:

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