WTF Ever Happened To The Cast Of Jersey Shore?

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December 3rd 2009 was a very important day for the world, as nine extremely tanned strangers entered a vacation house in Seaside Heights to spend the summer on Jersey Shore.

Six seasons laterand the show had become arguably the single best piece of televisual broadcasting of all time. Soz, Attenborough.

The US (and later the rest of the world) quickly became obsessed with TGL, blowouts and fist pumping – but what happened to the cast once 'Jersey Shore' came to an end?

IT’S TIME TO FIND OUT ,so get your hair poofed up, grab your bronzer and let's see WTFhappened to the guidos and guidettes of 'Jersey Shore'.


She might be completely unrecognisable as the girl who screamed 'PARTY'S HERE' when she first entered the house, but Snooki is still the same whirlwind that she always was. No seriously, she hasn't stopped since 'Jersey Shore'.

Most importantly, she went on to marry her 'Jersey Shore' sweetheart Jionni LaValle, and they now have two seriously cute kids, Lorenzo and Giovanna.

In her spare time, Snooki has managed to write five books, run her own online Etsy craft store (yep, seriously), and also have two separate realityshows with BFF JWoww -'Snooki & JWoww', and'Moms With Attitude' which sees the guidettes discussing nappies, stretch marks and parenting tips. Who'd have thought it?


In possibly the most romantic 'Jersey Shore' news of all, ultimate power couple JWoww and Roger went on to get married after the final season wrapped up, and the pair now have two children named Meilani and Greyson (whoare best friends with Snooki's kids, naturally).

As well as becoming a mum, Jenni is a serious girl boss. Spin-off series 'Snooki and JWoww' lasted an impressive four seasons, she's released a book, she's starred on cookery shows, she runs a blog, and most importantly of all, she runs her very own tanning lotion company. Of course she does.

Sammi Sweetheart

Okay, we're just gonna come out with it and tell you the bad news. Sam and Ron are not together anymore- in fact, they split up for good back in 2013. Or did they? In 2016, they dropped serious hints that the world's most on/off relationship was very much back on, with matching Instagram posts and even a holiday together. Rahhhn staaaaahp.

Aside from the Ronnie related news, Sam has released three of her own fragrances and even a clothing line called Sweetheart Styles, as well as appearing on shows like 'Project Runway' and hosting her own podcast entitled 'Just Sayin''.


Ahhh Meatball #2. While she was one of the loudest members of the Jersey Shore house, Deena has actually gone pretty quiet since the show finished and almost turned her back on the limelight completely.

She opened up about her battle with anxiety on a show called 'Couples Therapy -'which could explain why it now looks as though she now appears to be working at a doggy daycare centre in New Jersey.She's also engagedto a lovely looking chap called Christopher, and they look super happy.


In possibly the greatest news of all time, Angelina attempted to kick off a singing career once she'd left the Shore in Season 2 and released a single called 'I'm Hot'. Err, it didn't go very well. Strangely enough, she also had a brief stint in the world ofwrestling.

The Kim Kardashian of Staten Islandalsolaunched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 for a show she was trying to create calledThe Comeback, but it looks as though the whole fame thing wasn't for her, as she's now a certified emergency paramedic. How lovely.

Pauly D

That whole dream that Pauly had of becoming a world famous DJ actually turned out pretty well -he got his own spin-off programme,'The Pauly D Project,' which followed him performingaround America in da clurb. He's still doing regular gigs and pulls in some seriously huge crowds. He's alsosigned a deal with 50 Cent's record label, opened on tour for Britney Spears and worked with Jay Sean.

Like a lot of the Jersey Shore gang, Pauly is now a parent, and in a long term but on/off relationship with reality star Aubrey O'Day.


Arguably the hottest Jersey Shore star (just me? Cool.), Vinny took his beautiful face into the acting world once the show wrapped up. It’s gone pretty well too, as he landed guest roles inThe Hard Times of RJ Bergerand90210(starring as 'Poker-Playing Celebrity') but also landed his own MTV talk show which featured guests including Kesha, Iggy Azalea, Lil Wayne, Scott Disick and Mark Wahlberg.

He also appeared in a play, written a book about dealing with drama, and hosted his very own podcast. Yep, he’s a busy man.


Having spent the majority of his time in the house throwing Sammi’s belongings onto the balcony, things have somewhat calmed down for Ronnie over the past couple of years.

He hasn’t done too much in the spotlight, other than a brief involvement in wrestling back in 2011. Raahhnn now spends a lot of time promoting fitness, dieting and weightloss on Instagram.

The Situation

And last but not least, it’s The Situation. After Jersey Shore, Mike had a pretty rough time for a while, running into tax fraud charges (to which he pleaded not guilty) and facing a stint in rehab for a “prescription medication problem”.

These days however, he’s looking much happier and settled with his college girlfriend, Lauren. He’s appeared on shows likeDancing With The Stars andCelebrity Big Brother, he’s had his own TV series with his family calledThe Sorrentinos, launched a book and a fitness DV, and most importantly - he’s a big fan of the ol’ inspirational quotes on Instagram.

'Words by Lucy Wood'

What a journey. Let's relive the magic in the below video:

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