Marnie Simpson Debuts The Results Of Botox Injections And Praises 'The Best Doctor Ever'

The former Geordie Shore lass is showing off her latest cosmetic procedure

Marnie Simpson has showed off the results of her latest botox injections and has praised the doctor who made the final look possible.

The former Geordie Shore lass has always been upfront about her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery and has now taken to Instagram to share a shot of her face alongside a message of thanks for the #bestdoctorever.

'Check out Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry turning their house into Christmas heaven...'

“Thanks to @drrobertofficial for my Botox top up yesterday and my Xmas present, your da best, love you millions #kingofthefillers #bestdoctorever #facedoctor Wearing the auburn brown lenses from my range - @ispyeyes link in bio [sic]” she wrote.


Fans were loving the image and pointed out that she is “beautiful and gorgeous” with or without the injections. “Can’t cope with you,” one person said, as another added: “Such a beautiful doll.”

This comes weeks after the 26-year-old took to Instagram to point out the drawbacks of plastic surgery: “I just want to clear a few things up, the article used a previous comment of mine where I said "I'll never stop going under the knife", but I can confidently say now that I have no plans to further go under the knife."

Marnie Simpson


Marnie Simpson

She added: “It's no secret that I've undergone surgery in the past and whilst receiving some lovely comments and support I've faced quite a lot of backlash from it also. All girls have their own little insecurities and we all strive for perfection, for our own reasons.”

Good on Marnie for always being totally upfront about her cosmetic decisions.

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