Vicky Pattison Refuses To Turn Off Her Instagram Comments As She Praises Her Boyfriend

Her unapologetic caption is EVERYTHING to us.

Vicky Pattison has proved that she isn’t losing any sleep over what people think of her after posting a loved-up picture withboyfriend, Ercan Ramadan.

The former Geordie Shore lass took to Instagram to share the cutest shot of the duo looking happier than ever withthe caption: “Him... 💕 And I refuse to turn the comments off on this one so have a balllllll bitches I know who I am and what I’ve got!!!! 😂💃🏻"

People were loving her unapologetic words, with one person responding: “Have no idea what negative comment anyone would have to say!!! You look gorge and he is hellofa handsome!! Also, yellow is defo your colour.”

Another said: “Damn right!!! You deserve to be happy and loved right!!!! So you brag away gorgeous!!!! 😘❤️” as a third added: “You can be with someone for years and it not be right but be with someone for months and know they’re the one...he’s perfect for you.”


Just yesterday, the 31-year-old took to social-media to pen a powerful message about true beauty.

“It’s how you treat people. The way you love. It’s self acceptance. It’s in your soul. If you think you’re any more of a person because your face is nice you need a reality check.

She added: “Be a dope soul, a kind spirit, a compassionate sensibility and a wicked sense of humour... Then I’ll call you beautiful 😍.”

It sounds like Vicky has it all figured out. Keep on winning, bae!

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