Kylie Jenner Is Hiring A £200 Million Superyacht To Celebrate Her 22nd Birthday

Standard billionaire behaviour

Kylie Jenner is set to have the most extra birthday party on record after it’s been reported that she’s hiring a £200 million superyacht to sail her and her loved ones around the Mediterranean.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is turning twenty-two on August 10th with TMZ claiming that she’s already made plans to hire a yacht called Tranquility for the casual price of £1 million a week.


The yacht itself measures in at an impressive 92 metres in length, which is roughly the same size as a standard football pitch. The boat includes a theatre, sauna, swimming pool, beauty salon, and even a helipad.

Because really, would you expect anything less from the richest Kardashian-Jenner of them all?

The billionaire is expected to travel around Europe with a group of friends and family in mid-August, which means the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, their partners, children, and close friends are all expected to make an appearance.

As for how many people will be lucky enough to receive an invitation, the yacht is comprised of ten cabins and can accommodate up to twenty-two guests in total. That means there’s more than enough space for Kylie’s inner circle to attend the event.

A lot of information about the birthday event is obviously still being kept under wraps but we’re certain that our timelines will be flooded with pictures and videos from the yacht in the coming weeks.

We can't wait to live vicariously through Kylie and co.

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