This New Emoji Is Going To Cause A LOT Of Drama And We’re So Here For It

Say goodbye to unsolicited d**k pics

Everyone knows that emojis speak louder than words which is why it’s always bignews when iOS announce that a new batch of emoticons have been approved for public use.

In the past, updates have focused on diversifying the OG batch of symbols in an effort to make the emoji keyboard a more inclusive space for as many users as possible.


As great as this is, another important use of emojis comes down to flirting, and anyone who is beyond sick of receiving unsolicited d**k pics now has the ability to shut down the sender without saying a single word.

Say hello to the pinching hand emoji; the perfect way to deliver news that something is much smaller than first anticipated.


People online have all had the same reaction: "Pack it up fellas, every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji," one user said as another pointed out that “people’s feelings are about to get hurt.”

A third person added that receiving this emoji in response to a nude is literally a fate worse than death: “Somebody send you the pinching hand emoji back and you just gotta throw your whole phone away."


More emojis in the March 5th update include a yawning face, service dogs, an otter, a flamingo, an orangutan, ballet shoes, more diversity in partnered couples, and representations of people who are deaf, blind or unable to walk.

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