Selena Gomez Talks Feeling Vulnerable In 'Rudderless'

Sel-Go's co-star Felicity Huffman also praises the singer, saying she's a "veteran" when it comes to the showbiz spotlight...

Selena Gomez has opened up about her first dark dramatic role in Rudderless.

Speaking to Associated Press, the former Disney star explained she was lucky enough to get hired by director William H. Macy after he saw her performance in Spring Breakers.

After spending most of her acting career in comedy, Gomez explained that she felt a greater connection with drama, stating: "It's uncomfortable but because I was so used to spending four years in comedy, whether or not it was a lesser version on some level I had to just project so much and be very open and being vulnerable and dealing with things is something I can relate to right now because I am figuring out how to deal with all those emotions.

"I think I'm wanting to continue down where my heart into where my heart is taking me. So I'm literally now in a position where if I am not in love with the character, if I don't feel like it will push me I don't want to be a part of it."

Gomez was then asked whether she asked co-star Felicity Huffman for any advice, to which the actress butted in: "Oh my God I would never give advice to her.

"No, she's more of a veteran than I am and knows more and is wiser. So no I would ask advice but I would never give advice."

Selena - who has has a turbulent romance with Justin Bieber - responded: "I ended up in her kitchen one night when we were talking about a bunch of stuff that she basically just poured her heart into and it really meant so much to me, that night.

[related]"In general I think it's harder now. I read an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio and he was saying if they had camera phones and social media when I was their age it would be bad. I remember feeling like, I can't even go into a place necessarily and it just be tweeted.

"That's a part of where I am right now so it's my choice. It's a choice for me to say, is this what I am going to do? How am I going to do it? How am I going to get through it? I think that is one thing that I can do. Everything else around me can just keep buzzing me but if you see me and you're with me it stays right here because that's the only thing that can keep me sane."

Rudderless debuts stateside in cinemas, on digital HD and on demand October 17.

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