Scream! One Direction Are 'Working On Their Fifth Album'

The lads were apparently "itching to get back in the studio" following the release of chart-topping LP, FOUR...

One Direction are reportedly busy working on their fifth studio album.

Back in November, Louis Tomlinson cast doubt on whether 1D would make another LP, telling The Metro: "I think we are planning on having a conversation today about if we are going to do another album.

"And if we are, we might take a little more time over it."

However, a source has now told The Sun the lads were "itching to get back in the studio" and will apparently have a new LP out by Christmas.

An insider added: "There has been a bit of a question about the timing of the fifth album but there was never any doubt it would be released, despite the ridiculous speculation."

[related]Phew! It is thought the X Factor group are working with their usual writing team, Wayne Hector and Julian Bunetta, with the mole adding: "It’s a formula that’s worked before and it’s how the lads like to work."

While another 1D album may be on the way, there have been A LOT of rumours concerning possible solo records, with Liam Payne and Zayn Malik both hitting the studio alone.

Watch this space!

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