J.K Rowling And Pottermore Reveal New Details About Wizarding Schools Around The World

Yet we still didn’t get accepted to ANY of them.

Because Harry Potter is the gift that keeps on giving, we now have some brand new information about other wizarding schools around the world.

That’s right, as it turns out, there isn’t just the three that took part in that Triwizard Tournament – in fact, there are four more institutes that are spread all over the world.

Thanks to J.K Rowling and Pottermore, we’ve now got some amazing new details about other Hogwarts-like places all over the globe.

There’s Ilvermorny, which is based in North America (and judging by the Pottermore map, is somewhere in the northeast corner of the United States).

Then there’s Castelobruxo, the Brazilian school. It’s pronounced Cass-tell-o-broo-shoo and is even guarded by Caipora -small and furry spirit-beings who emerge at night to watch over the students and the creatures who live in the forest.

Putting the invisibility cloak to shame, the Japanese institute Mahoutokoro (pronounced Mah-hoot-o-koh-ro) gives their students enchanted robes that grow as the kids do.

They even change colour depending on how well students perform in class, turning gold if they get top grades. Hermione would’ve loved that.

And finally, there’s the African school Uagadou (pronounced Wag-a-doo). The building is said to look like it floats in mid-air, and African wizards don’t even have to say their spells out loud for them to work – hand gestures alone typically do the job.

Right, so this is cool and all, but is it alright that we now feel a bit sad we didn’t get accepted into ANY of these schools?

Mahoutokoro sounds right up our street.

- By Charlotte Warwick

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