13 Times Ariana Grande's Side To Side Video Was All Of Us At The Gym

Yeah we know this sounds unlikely, but stick with us for a sec.

We know what you're thinking: how on earth could ANYONE in their right mind think that we -the sweaty, red-faced messes crying in the corner of the gym - could have anything in common with the gloriously glam spin queens played by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj in the Side To Side video?

Yeah, we know it's a stretch but seriously, even the hottest of messes have a few things in common with them during a gym tripand here's the proof.

When you have a sneaky Britney moment in the locker room..

...until that woman with an eight-pack walks in, gives you a withering glare and you realise perhaps it might be time to actually do some exercise. Shame.

When your gym crush is doing squats in the warm up zone


And when someoneinsists on lunging right upin your face when you're doing circuitsand you have to do everything in your power to politely pretend you can't see their groin sweat

This is worse than being in the Hunger Games.God damn you British etiquette.

When you get in the gym and someone is using your favourite bike


When you are about to die, look at the stopwatch and realise you've only been goingfor 36 seconds

Kill me.

And while you're a hot mess, everyone else looks ready to hit the club

Whyyy and and also how?

When you realise that not even spending £165 on designer gym gear can help you now

Did you really need three pairs of gym leggings and a pair of boxing gloves? You're not even planning to do boxing...

When that half up half down style that looked so great in the locker room is actually just a damn pain in the arse

Croydon facelift it is.

When you're fully in the zone andrealise you're rapping that really quite explicit song out loud for everyone to hear

Not sure the 48-year-old mum of three next to you appreciated your rapping. No idea why.

When your personal trainer walks in and you don't understand how she's even a real human

Is she a robot thought? Because I wouldn't be able to get a body like that even if I got an entire torso transplant.

When being in the back row of spin class is tooootallylike this

Except without any of the glamour, just 45sweaty arses and the constant fear you're going to fall off the bike.

But when you finally get the rhythm two minutes before the end and THIS:


And when YOU DID IT, butyou open the door to the sauna as a reward and are confronted by 140 sweat naked gym bods

Can't wait to do it all again next year. I mean next week.


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