MTV Breaks: How We Help YOU Break Into Creative Industries

Keep hearing the name MTV Breaks and wondering wtf it is? We're here to break it down!

MTV Breaks is our global campaign committed to giving the next generation of talent their first break into the creative industries. We know how hard it can be to get your foot in the door!

How does it work? Using our huge MTV platform, we offer young creatives hands-on, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to build on their skills at some of MTV’s biggest global events, allowing them to showcase their work at industry level on an international scale.

We’ve offered opportunities to photographers, videographers, makeup artists, graphic designers, artists, DJs, presenters, costume designers - you name it! - who we think have the talent and potential to make it to the big-time.Since its launch in 2014, MTV Breaks has offered opportunities at the MTV EMA, Isle of MTV Malta, MAMAs, MTV Shuga and World Stage Malaysia. Check out some of last year's highlights from MTV Music Week in Bilbao!

We also host global MTV Breaks workshops, panel talks, and school tours which we like to livestream, to give even more creatives the chance tolearn from the most exciting industry insiders in the biz! Check out some of our previous livestreams here.Oh, and we also have apprenticeships and paid internship schemes set up in Viacom offices around the world, which you can check out here.

The exciting news is that MTV Breaks has now launched its very own podcastto spread more shit-hot tips from creatives in the industry! If you want to make it in music, tv, talent mangement (you name it!) check out the MTV Breaks Podcast here.To find out more about the podcast, click here.

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