Hair Nails Are A (Gross) Thing That Exists Now

Guaranteed to make you feel weird af

Thanks to the magic of the internet, the blessing of YouTube tutorials and a little bit of free time, most of the beauty obsessed amongst us have managed to perfect the art of such trickychallenges as the eyeliner flick.

As a result, MUAs and Instagram accounts are forever pushing the boundaries of beauty trends to keep impressing. Sometimes that results in something awesome, but a lot of time it results in something that’s completely WTF.

Take this latest look for example. Two words: HAIR. NAILS.

Once you’ve seen them, they can never be unseen.

Dain Yoon is an awesome visual illusion artist, and her talented mind and artistic skills havelead to some super intricate nail art which might just haunt your dreams for the rest of time.

She’s managed to put her own face into her nail polish which has the potential to be kinda cute – but then she’s given each tiny face a wig of long, black hair attached to her cuticles. Agh.


Dain’s branded the unique look as self nail art, and we’re not sure what’s the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing.

The super-realistic faces which are sure to haunt our dreams? The thought of dunking the hair into everything you ever eat? The fact that the nail hair is potentially the real hair from her actual head?

Send help, and let’s all promise to add this to the list of beauty trends that we will not let become a thing.

'Words by Lucy Wood'

Now that you're officially grossed out, let's have a watch of the celeb eyebrow transformations that prove magic must exist.

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